Mobile bike racing games deliver thrilling two-wheeled action right on your phone or tablet. From simple arcade-style stunt fests to realistic circuit racers, the genre offers diverse options for casual players and hardcore enthusiasts alike. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most popular free and paid Bike Racing Games for iPhone and Android.

Whether you relish the rush of breakneck speeds, outrageous aerial tricks, or meticulously crafted simulations, you’re sure to find a mobile bike racing game that satisfies your need for speed. Let’s take a closer look at the range of options available and how they provide pulse-pounding entertainment to thrill seekers on the go.

1. Bike Race: Free Style Games

Bike Race game for iphone and android

Bike Race Free has become one of the most popular bike racing games with over 100 million downloads across mobile platforms. As a freemium game, it gives you a taste of the action with plenty of content available for free. You can perform stunts like wheelies, stoppies, and backflips across ramps and loops on short challenges or longer tracks. With coins earned through gameplay, you can unlock faster bikes, new character skins, and other customizations.

The real hook is the online multiplayer which allows you to compete against over 200 million players in races and mini-games. You can join clubs to team up and compete on global leaderboards. With quick matchmaking and surprisingly responsive controls for a mobile game, it offers hours of casual fun. The vibrant graphics and upbeat soundtrack enhance the lighthearted vibe. Daily and weekly challenges give you something to come back for.

2. Moto X3M – Extreme Bike Racing Game

Moto X3M Bike Racing Game

Moto X3M brings side-scrolling bike racing into the mobile era with its clever physics-based gameplay. Each level presents you with platforms, ramps, obstacles, and gaps to conquer by performing stunts and tricks for boots of speed. As you flip, twist, and spin your way through the imaginative courses, you’ll need to time landings perfectly to clear dangerous hazards. Easy one-touch controls make performing complex maneuvers like backflips and 360s super smooth.

With colorful cartoonish graphics and an upbeat soundtrack, this is an addictively fun arcade-style game. As you complete levels, you earn coins to upgrade tires, suspension, engines, and other bike components for better performance. The wacky power-ups like magnets add to the zany experience. If you loved side scrollers like Excitebike back in the day, the Moto X3M will bring back fond memories. The whimsical environments and obstacles keep the platforming exciting.

3. SBK16 – Official Mobile Game

SBK16 racing game for iphone and android

Fans of superbike racing can enjoy the full 2016 championship experience with SBK16. It packs in all the official riders, bikes, teams, and circuits from the season. The 3D tracks are meticulously modeled after real-world Superbike venues down to the grandstands and pit lanes. Crisp 1080p graphics and slick TV-style presentation make you feel part of the action. You can tweak advanced settings like traction control and ABS for each bike. The handling leans more toward simulation than arcade for an authentic superbike feel.

The extensive career mode takes you from rookie underdog to global star over multiple seasons. SBK16 captures the passion and excitement of the Superbike World Championship, delivering professional production values for free on mobile. The tuning options allow you to adjust gear ratios, suspension, and other aspects to optimize each bike’s performance. Commentary during races adds to the broadcast presentation that mimics real CBS Sports coverage.

4. Traffic Rider – Next Gen of Endless Motorbike Racing

Traffic Rider racing game for iphone and android

Weave through an endless onslaught of highway traffic at breakneck speeds in Traffic Rider. This intense first-person motorbike racer puts you in the rider’s seat as you narrowly avoid collisions darting between cars and trucks. The procedurally generated roads keep the challenge fresh every time you play. Crisp graphics and responsive controls make dodging obstacles at high speeds thrilling. Choose from a lineup of superbikes, each with unique handling.

Daily challenges focus your skills on tasks like high speed drifting. Cash rewards allow you to upgrade your bike’s performance and customize its appearance. The simple pick-up-and-play design has earned over 100 million downloads worldwide. Traffic Rider delivers relentless high-octane action, bringing white-knuckle motorcycle racing to your mobile device anytime, anywhere. Various camera angles, from first-person to far chase view, provide a cinematic experience.

5. Dirt Bike Unchained – Extreme Moto Racing

Dirt Bike Unchained racing game for iphone and android

With Dirt Bike Unchained, you can experience the high-flying insanity of motocross on your mobile device. Boost your rider’s style with badass motocross gear and customize your bike with funky colors and parts. Different race modes, such as eliminator battles, add to the competitive atmosphere.

The fluid physics helps you gain big air as you pull off supermans, backflips, and incredible no-hander tricks with ease. Intuitive touch or tilt controls make mastering aerial maneuvers smooth. Nail the timing hitting jumps to own each meticulously crafted track. With vibrant visuals and a rocking soundtrack, Dirt Bike Unchained packs all the extreme, adrenaline-filled action of motocross racing into your mobile device. Progress through a career mode earning better bikes and gear as you show off your skills.

6. Gravity Rider Zero – Drive to the next level!

Gravity Rider Zero racing game

Gravity Rider Zero delivers an intense downhill racing experience on mobile. You’ll pilot cutting-edge futuristic bikes armed with boosters down procedurally generated courses reaching blinding speeds. The advanced physics allows you to pull daring maneuvers as you spin, flip, and fly off massive cliffs and ramps. Performing tricks in mid-air builds your boost meter for an extra burst of momentum when you need it most.

One-touch or tilt controls make navigating the sheer terrain and pulling off aerial stunts smooth and intuitive. Neon-soaked synth wave visuals give a slick cyberpunk vibe. The random track generation means you’ll never see the same course twice. Online leaderboards let you compete with riders worldwide, or you can aim for personal bests in time trial mode. With plenty of rad bikes to unlock and upgrade, Gravity Rider Zero offers an electrifying take on extreme racing.

7. MotoGPTM Racing ‘23 – Championship Quest

MotoGPTM Racing 23 game

As the officially licensed game of MotoGPTM, Racing ‘23 lets you experience the complete 2023 season. All the official teams, riders, bikes and 20 circuits are present, including new additions for 2023. The graphics and presentation recreate the broadcast TV style to make you feel part of the action. Advanced physics and handling models capture the unique feel of riding each prototype bike. You can fine-tune settings like fuel maps and electronics to optimize performance just as in real life.

Exhibition mode is great for quick action, while career mode lets you battle through the full calendar. Compete with friends and riders worldwide through online multiplayer features and leaderboards. With promises of consistent content updates direct from MotoGPTM, Racing ‘23 is poised to be the definitive mobile MotoGP experience for two-wheeled racing fans in 2023 and beyond.


The world of mobile bike racing games continues to rapidly expand, with new titles constantly released across the app store and Play Store. As we’ve seen, the genre contains a diverse range of options to appeal to all players. Casual fans can enjoy accessible arcade-style experiences packed with over-the-top stunts and challenges.

Series devotees can dive into authentic simulations approved by major motorsport organizations. With such variety, bike enthusiasts of all stripes can find a tailored adrenaline fix. Whether you’re a stunt junkie or a racing purist, keep an eye out for new releases that provide the perfect motorcycle racing flavor to satisfy your need for speed.

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