A vast majority of customers interact with five or more pieces of content from the company that they eventually choose to do business with or make a purchase from. Springboard Information Systems helps you in B2B demand generation focused on building a scalable demand generation strategy and delight your customers at all relevant marketing touchpoints.

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Let´s face it; not all your prospects are ready to buy at all times.

Some are starting to learn about their pain points; some are researching what would be the best product fit per their requirements, while some are still just evaluating options and comparing pricing.

So what do you do as a marketer to be able to engage these prospects during their buying process and win their business when they’re ready? Well, the answer is — lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Targeted advertising campaigns

Conversion strategy

Post-conversion nurturing

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How We Work

We help you create personalized content that educates your prospects and leads them through the buyer journey — this is a critical piece of your overall marketing strategy. Modern marketers are turning to cutting-edge technologies to effectively and efficiently automate their marketing processes — working with Springboard ensure you adopt well. We work with you to develop and execute a lead-based strategy through a number of paid and non-paid programs and identify opportunities for pipeline growth and sales conversions.

Increase Qualified Leads and Relevant Opportunities

We use progressive profiling, marketing automation, lead scoring, lifecycle tracking and behavior analytics to measure the results of campaigns and improve results. We help identify the best leads and most engaged contacts to improve marketing to sales efficiency.





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