Tower defense games have become extremely popular on mobile devices. The genre involves strategically building defenses like towers, walls, and cannons to prevent enemies from reaching the end of a winding path. With smart upgrades and placements, you can create complex mazes and death traps for hordes of invaders. In this blog, we have covered the top most highly rated tower defense games app you can download and play on your iPhone and Android.

We’ll touch on paid and free options spanning charming cartoons, competitive multiplayer, deep customization, and more. Veteran genre fans and newcomers alike are sure to discover new favorites perfect for on-the-go play sessions.

1. Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense TD

Kingdom Rush Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Kingdom Rush Tower Defense TD is an award-winning offline tower defense game. With its charming cartoon art style and varied terrain, Kingdom Rush pulls you into defending your kingdom with a range of powerful towers. Archer towers, artillery, barracks, and more can be placed to take down knights, orcs, wizards, and trolls.

Heroes like paladins, rangers, and mages can assist with powerful abilities. Multiple difficulty levels let you adjust to the challenge. Kingdom Rush is engaging for both casual and experienced tower defense players.

Key features:

  • Simple but Addictive Gameplay
  • Charming and Vibrant Art Style
  • Heroes with Special Powers
  • Varied terrain like forests and Mountains
  • Campaign, Heroic, and Iron challenges
  • Well-balanced difficulty curve
Bloons TD 6 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Bloons TD 6 is a highly acclaimed game, having won numerous awards and receiving positive reviews from critics and players alike. It is praised for its simple but addictive gameplay, its charming art style, and its wide variety of content. With Bloons TD 6, the Bloons series has perfected monkey vs balloon tower defense. Throughout each level, colorful bloons invade along twisted paths. Use dart throwing, bomb blasting, boomerang monkeys, and more to pop them before they escape.

Upgrade your defense with upgrades like a longer range, radar scanner, and MOAB mauler. Various monkey heroes, such as ocean adventurer Captain Churchill, offer abilities to further decimate bloons. Variety is provided by daily challenges, co-op, and competitive modes.

Key features:

  • 23 powerful Monkey Towers
  • Create your own Challenges
  • 3 upgrade paths for each monkey tower
  • MOAB-defeating monkey knowledge
  • Co-op and competitive multiplayer
  • Daily challenges and races

3. Plants vs. Zombies™

Plants vs. Zombies Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Zombies are coming! Protect your home from invading zombies with an army of peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and more wacky plants. As you progress, zombies come equipped with armor, buckets, screen doors, and other tools to evade your firepower. Adapt with plants that can penetrate obstacles or flying projectiles. Adventure mode takes you through dozens of levels and minigames, testing your strategic planting skills against zombie hordes. Even years later, Plants vs. Zombies still offers addictive fun.

Key features:

  • 50 Adventure mode plus mini-games
  • Plenty of zombie types including pole vaulters and dolphin riders
  • Zen garden for collecting and upgrading plants
  • Endless Survival mode

4. Kingdom Rush Origins – Tower defense adventure

Kingdom Rush Origins Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Welcome to Kingdom Rush Origins – the game that goes back to Kingdom Rush’s fantasy roots. Discover the kingdom’s origin story with new exotic towers like elven sorcerers, Dwarven bombardiers, and ancient ent-like behemoths. Overcome orcish tribes, wraiths, Twilight elves, and sinister fiends across vivid forests, mystical mountains, and forgotten ruins. Hero abilities and specializations allow you to further customize your strategy. Kingdom Rush Origins will appeal to series veterans and newcomers alike with its charming world and heroes.

Key features:

  • Build Awesome Powerful Towers
  • Towers with elven sorcerers and dwarven bombardiers
  • Heroes with upgradable abilities and gear
  • Mythic mode with mighty artifacts
  • Chambers mini-game
  • You can Play it offline

5.Infinitode 2 – Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode 2 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

With Infinitode 2, you can enjoy a futuristic tower defense experience. Enemies advance along paths formed by nodes. Place laser turrets, mines, enemy hackers, and more tactically to defend as waves intensify. With no set paths, mazes, or tracks, you can build your own defenses. With daily challenges, you can keep the gameplay fresh by adding modifiers. Infinitode 2 will challenge you to think creatively in designing your impenetrable fortress.

Key features:

  • Flexible node-based map with no set paths
  • Daily challenges with modifiers
  • Minimalist sci-fi aesthetic
  • Support for user-created maps

6. Bloons TD 5 – Top-Rated Tower Defense Game

Bloons TD 5 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Bloons TD 5 features stunning retina graphics, rewarding progression, and a wide variety of tower defense modes. Put 21 monkey towers like ninjas, wizards, and spike factories in place to stop invading bloons from escaping. Towers can be upgraded along two paths for over 50 powerful combinations. With daily challenges, co-op play, and competitive leaderboards, you’ll never get bored. In Bloons TD 5, players will find 90+ tracks, 10 agents, special missions, and events that will keep them engaged for hours.

Key features:

  • 21 powerful monkey towers with 2 upgrade paths
  • Daily challenges and competitive leaderboards
  • 90+ tracks spanning Beginner to Expert
  • Deep freeplay mode
  • Multi-track Odyssey Challenges
  • Boss Bloon Special Events

7. Iron Marines: RTS Offline Game

Iron Marines Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Iron Marines combines tower defense and real-time strategy for intense sci-fi battles. Build and upgrade your base by harvesting resources. Then deploy infantry, snipers, mechs, and more against alien hordes. Heroes like the wise Lady Zhu bring unique powers to the fight. The game offers 21 campaign missions as well as an endless survival mode.

Featuring 40+ upgrades, orbital strikes, and challenging achievements, Iron Marines puts you in the middle of tactical combat. Its engaging gameplay and gorgeous alien worlds make it a must-have for strategy fans.

Key features:

  • 14 unique soldiers and mechs to deploy
  • 21 campaign missions across sci-fi planets
  • 40+ upgrades like orbital strikes and napalm
  • 17 challenging special operations

8. Tiny Guardians – Defence without Towers

Tiny Guardians Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

With its tiny protectors, Tiny Guardians offers a cute take on tower defense. Defend the forest from dark forces by building bows, cannons, and mushroom towers. In order to help, use hero abilities such as ground-pounding shockwaves or healing spells. In versus battles, you can challenge your friends or survive ultra-challenging modes. The simple one-touch controls and cheerful graphics make Tiny Guardians an accessible casual game for gamers of all ages.

Key features:

  • Cute forest creatures like hedgehog archers
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Exciting and unique boss fights
  • Multiple game modes including vs battles
  • Ultra challenging mode

9. Defenders 2: Tower Defense CCG

Defenders 2 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Defenders 2 offers crisp graphics and frantic gameplay across 10 diverse worlds, making it one of the genre’s classics. Defeat aerial, earth, and spirit enemies across grasslands, deserts, seafloors, and more. You can upgrade grenade-launching commandos, stealthy ninjas, ice witches, and others along distinct paths which are tailored to your playstyle. A variety of daily challenges, custom modes, and competitive leaderboards provide replay value. A comprehensive tower defense game, Defenders 2 will satisfy veteran tower defense players.

Key features:

  • 10 diverse environments like seafloor and temples
  • Heroes join mid-battle for powers
  • Daily challenges and custom modes
  • Local multiplayer

10. Tower Defense Zone 2

Tower Defense Zone 2 Best Tower Defense Games For iPhone And Android

Tower Defense Zone 2 is one of the most attractive Strategy games! A great deal of content is available in Tower Defense Zone 2, making it a great game for casual players. With 40 different towers, you can choose from snipers, Tesla coils, missile launchers, witches, and more. Explore 45 handcrafted maps spanning forests, wasteland, and other terrain types. Explore Campaign mode or jump into Survival, Nightmare, and Onslaught modes for endless waves. Daily rewards and challenges keep gameplay fresh. Tower Defense Zone 2 offers extensive maps and towers, making it a game for long-term play.

Key features:

  • 40+ towers like tesla coils and missile launchers
  • 45+ handcrafted maps across varied terrain
  • Versus mode for PvP action
  • Daily rewards and challenges
  • Stunning Graphics and Sound


In summary, mobile devices like iPhones and Androids offer a stellar selection of tower defense games spanning cute graphics, deep progression, and competitive modes. Classic series with years of improvements and refinement make the list along with creative new takes on the genre. Casual players, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between should find tower defense games here that appeal to their tastes. With a range of free-to-play and paid options, there is no shortage of quality titles to choose from for hours of strategic fun guarding your base against waves of enemies.

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